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Artist Statement

As a photographer nothing makes me happier than capturing important moments that clients love and are excited about. There is such joy for me in creating important and lasting images with both families and individuals. It is my passion to create memories that hold emotions which are profoundly personal and absolutely universal.

At first glance macro photography and portraiture appear to be very different. On further investigation, both require focus, attention to detail, time and precision. If a macro lens could look at the fibers of our souls what makes us uniquely who we are? Macro photography allows us a window into the beauty that goes deeper than we know, both in nature and in portraiture.

For me it is time with family and friends, travel and time in the mountains. I love slalom skiing behind my motor boat is the Adirondacks!Pure Joy! Rich in Traditions Sweet Tenderness! Peaceful Moments! Looking Forward! Priceless Captures! Quintessentially You!

Intergenerational work is so important! Those magical captures of time with no second chances. I grew up with my immediate and extended families being so important to me. My parents and grandparents impacted every part of my life.

In this world of the Internet and constant accessibility, Snap Chat, Instagram and Facebook, digital cameras and cell phones... what matters? Why do we need portraits? Portraits have two purposes. They elicit emotion and they create a memory. A bride's first look in the mirror on her wedding day! A dad's first sight of his daughter dressed in the gown he could only imagine until this moment. A groom watching the women of his dreams approach him down the aisle and soon to join hands and hearts forever. A dad's eyes connecting with those of his small child. A mom looking into her son or daughter's eyes speaking her love and her pride to her teen embarking on her senior year.

Pure Joy! Is expecting parents softly holding their belly bump or a new mom and dad gazing into the eyes of a newborn. Families celebrating their love for one another! Walking on the beach, splashing in the waves.

I create images of what I see and more importantly, I capture what I feel. My grandmother used to say, "Life's most significant moments go beyond all words." That is what I love about photography. A single photo can mean so many different things to so many people. Photography captures and savors those incredible moments.

I have taught storytelling for years. Photography is storytelling in it's rawest form It triggers different thoughts, memories and emotions for each of us. So personal, so universal.

Environmental portraiture is about capturing those incredible and essential moments that define us, those we often take for granted. It captures those miniscule fibers that weave threads into fabrics. Each story is unique and personal.

What story would you like to capture? What memoires or stories would you like to capture? Let's work together to create important images that will become memories.